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Therapist: Megan Sigmon-Olsen, MSW, LICSW change

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  • In-Person Sessions

    Covid-19 Vaccination card is required for all in-person sessions for clients over the age of 11. 
  • Online Sessions

    • Meet & Greet (Online) Free
    • FIRST Session - Individual (All Ages) Intake (Online) $210
      This is the first official therapy session individuals will have with their therapist (online session). Individuals need to complete the Individual Intake paperwork via Sentier Psychotherapy's client portal and submit this paperwork before the Intake session. After completing the Individual Intake session, individuals can schedule 50 or 80 minute therapy sessions with their therapist. For Child Therapy clients: This Intake session is generally scheduled as time without the child present so that caregivers can adequately report relevant history. Child will be present for first Child Therapy session after Intake is complete.
    • FIRST Session - Couples or Family Intake (Online) $220
      Couples/families schedule this Intake session as the beginning of their therapy process. Couples/families need to submit the appropriate paperwork (found in Sentier Psychotherapy's client portal) before this session. If Couples/Families are interested in therapy with one of our therapists but would like to meet the therapist first, they should first schedule a Meet & Greet and can schedule the Intake after completing the Meet & Greet. 
    • 50 Minute Individual Therapy Session (Online)
    • 80 Minute Individual Therapy Session (Online) $200
      This is an extended session that individuals can schedule if longer sessions are needed. Must be pre-approved by the therapist. 
    • 80 Minute Couples or Family Session (Online) $230
    • Parenting Consultation (Online) $160
      This appointment can be scheduled by current clients for therapist/parent/guardian session without child/teen present. 
    • LGBTQIA+ Teen Group Intake (Online) $40
      Intake to assess client goodness of fit for Teen LGBTQ+ group.